The Dalby’s are wonderful woodland creatures who live in Dalby Forest.
Find out what they get up to as they travel
around the forest on their underground train.
Daniel and Lily, Mummy and Daddy get up to all sorts on their days out.

The Dalby’s are a family of woodland creatures, who inhabit the wonderful Dalby Forest.

They live in homes hollowed out from trees, in a picturesque valley.
They travel around the woodland on their underground train, driven by Daddy Dalby who is the train driver.

The train leaves Dalby station, and visits lots of places along its line.

There is the Lakeside Station, School Station, Dalby Theme Park station, the Seaside Station and lots more.
The adventures of the Dalby’s are just like any other family; exciting, funny, and always leave a smile on the family’s faces.
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